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Complex Login Credentials

As of August 1st, 2022, West Michigan Credit Union will require all members to use a complex username and password when logging in to Online Banking and the Mobile App. Read the requirements for a complex username and password below:

Complex Username:

Usernames are NOT case sensitive, and must pass the following rules:

  • Must be 1-20 characters long
  • Cannot contain any special characters
  • Cannot begin or end with a space
  • Cannot contain your account number
  • Cannot contain first or last name
  • Cannot be all numbers

Complex Password:

Passwords ARE case sensitive, can contain letters and numbers, and must pass the following rules:

  • 8-256 characters
  • Cannot contain these special characters: ^[]"
  • Only the following special characters are allowed: `~!@#$%&*()_+{}|:;'?/<.>,\-=

Important Notes:

When this change takes effect on August 1, 2022. You will login as normal to make these changes using your current credentials. Once logged in, our system will prompt you to change your username and password to meet our new requirements.

If you already have a username and password that comply with these new requirements, you will not need to make any changes. If one of your credentials does not meet the new requirements, you will only need to modify the username or password to make it compliant with these new regulations.

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