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Member Appreciation Day 2022

We want to get back to celebrating you! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and our communities. We couldn’t do what we do without your support. As our way to say thank you, please join us for our Member Appreciation Day! Look at the schedule below to see when we will be celebrating at your local branch.

Grand Rapids - 36th St.: August 2nd
Grand Rapids - Plymouth: August 3rd
Grand Rapids - Front Ave.: August 4th
Cadillac: August 11th
Reed City: August 18th
Manistee: August 25th
Big Rapids: September 1st


Join us from 11am - 2pm for lunch, lawn games, giveaways, and more.*

This year, we will be giving away a total of SIX prizes! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details and what these special prizes will be as we get closer!

*Lunch items and giveaways are available while supplies last at Member Appreciation Day.

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