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WMCU Savings Accounts

Savings Rates – Effective 1/1/2019
Share Savings 0.10% $5.00
Gold Savings 0.20% $5,000.00
Midas Savings 0.15% $2,500.00
Nest Egg Savings 0.10% $1.00
Christmas Club 0.15% $1.00

Note: Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Minimum balance to earn dividends.

*APY is Annual Percentage Yield.

Share Savings Account

A Share Savings Account is the foundation of your credit union membership. Our Share Savings Accounts earn competitive dividends and are a convenient way to save, especially when you sign up for direct deposit. Dividends on all Share Accounts are computed on the average daily balance and compounded and credited monthly.

Gold Share Account

Similar to the Midas Share Account, the Gold Share Account allows for maximum liquidity of your funds with a minimum balance of $5,000. The Gold Share Account is the highest earning savings account offered.  This account is affected by Federal Regulation D.

Details on Federal Regulation D

Midas Share Savings

Designed to earn higher dividends with maximum liquidity, our Midas Share Account with a minimum balance of $2,500 helps your savings work harder for you.  This account is affected by Federal Regulation D.

Details on Federal Regulation D

Nest Egg Savings

A Nest Egg Savings account is a great tool for special savings purposes. Open one today to save for a special vacation, college expense or home improvements. You can even give this account its own special “nickname.”

Christmas Club

You can open a Christmas Club Account any time of the year. This allows you to set aside money as often as you decide for those holiday expenses. For your convenience – and just in time for the holidays – your Christmas Club balance is transferred to your Share Savings Account on November 1.

Certificate of Deposit

Available at competitive rates with a minimum deposit of only $500 and terms from 3 months to 5 years. Certificates of Deposit are a risk-free way to earn higher returns. You lock in a fixed interest rate for the term of the deposit, making this an excellent way to guard against a possible decline in interest rates.

Savings Rates – Effective 8/1/2019
3 Months $500.00 0.25%
6 Months $500.00 0.25%
12 Months $500.00 1.21%
24 Months $500.00 0.60%
36 Months $500.00 2.02%
48 Months $500.00 0.95%
60 Months $500.00 2.53%

Disclaimer: Penalty for early withdrawal.

*APY is Annual Percentage Yield.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Now more attractive than ever! At WMCU you can take advantage of the tax benefits of a Traditional, Roth, or Coverdell Educational Savings Account with an IRA Share Account or Term Certificate of Deposit.