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What You Need to Know About Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees:

An overdraft occurs when you do not have sufficient available funds in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway.  We look at the available balance when determining whether there is an overdraft.  Available balance is the ledger balance minimum of any deposits or withdrawals that are on hold or transactions that have been preauthorized but have not yet been debited from your account, such as gas station purchases, hotel reservations and other such items. We can cover your overdrafts in two ways:

  1. WMCU has standard overdraft practices that comes with checking accounts.
  2. We also offer overdraft protection plans, such as a link to a savings account or an overdraft protection express loan, which may be less expensive than our standard overdraft practices.

This notice explains our standard overdraft practices

What are the standard overdraft practices that come with my account?

We do authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions:

  1. Checks and other transactions made using your checking account number.
  2. Automatic bill payments

We DO NOT authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions, unless you ask us to (see below):

  1. ATM transactions
  2. Everyday debit card transactions

We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means that we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

What fees will I be charged if West Michigan Credit Union pays my overdraft?

Under our standard overdraft practices:

  1. We will charge you a fee of $30 each time we pay an overdraft.
  2. There is no limit on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account.

***Please refer to the cu*advance non-return program and your liability for overdrafts disclosure and your membership and account agreement for important additional information concerning overdrafts.***

What if I want West Michigan Credit Union to authorize and pay overdrafts on my everyday debit card transactions?

If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, complete the form below and submit it on our website, at any of our branches, or mail the completed form below to 1319 Front N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49504.

What if I want to revoke my authorization to pay overdrafts on my ATM and everyday debit card transactions?

You have the right to revoke the payment of your overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit transactions at any time by phone 1-800-442-4576, by mail to 1319 Front N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49504, in person at any of our branches, or by completing the form below and submitting it on our website.


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Overdraft Protection Opt-In Form

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