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Ultimate First-Time Homebuyers Guide

Buying a home is a major purchase and can be exciting. It is important to make sure you are well educated about the homebuying process to minimize confusion and worry during this significant investment.

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Easy Ways to Protect Your Online Accounts

Did you know that 92 percent of people use the same password or a variation of a password? We reuse passwords to feel like we are in control of our accounts, however, it is most likely putting your accounts at risk!

There are many ways to strengthen your online accounts. To learn some of our tips and tricks, read about our recommendations...

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How to Talk to Kids About Money

Picture this: your child asks about money, and you respond with a smile, not a sigh. Discussing money with kids can be challenging, often because of your own financial insecurities and it is hard to know the right age-appropriate message.

From young children to teens, here are tips and interactive resources to help you discuss money.

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Four Free Financial Literacy Resources You Probably Didn't Know About

Happy Financial Literacy Month! To kick things off, we have created a list of financial education resources to support your journey towards greater financial well-being. The world of finance is always changing, so it is important to stay in the loop.

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Say Goodbye to Debt: Best Strategies for Financial Success

It is no secret that debt causes stress. But did you know that financial stress can be a gateway to accumulating more debt? With 77 percent of American households living in debt, it can become a never-ending cycle. Changing your spending habits and selecting a strategy for paying off debt can alleviate financial stress.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Credit Unions and Banks?

Today, 4,700 credit unions exist throughout the United States with over 135 million members. The growth of credit unions in the financial industry has spread to global levels and shows no sign of stopping.

With the Credit Union Movement still thriving today, let’s take a look at credit unions have to offer.

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How to Avoid Romance Scams and Spot the Warning Signs

Using dating apps can be scary nowadays, especially when you could potentially be scammed in the process. No one wants to be known as the individual who fell for a scammer. The Federal Trade Commission reported that $1.3 billion was lost to romance scams in 2022. 

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Financially Prepare for 2024: Learn How to Set Up an Emergency Fund

If your car broke down tomorrow, would you be able to pay out-of-pocket for repairs? According to the Federal Reserve, only 62 percent of Americans would be able to cover a $400 emergency.

Building a stable emergency fund and implementing a saving strategy are the most effective ways to prepare for whatever life might throw at you.

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Save Money This Holiday Season With These Simple Budgeting Tips

The holiday season is a time for giving… and spending. With the average consumer spending around $1,530 on gifts, travel expenses, and entertainment, it is no surprise that your wallet may feel lighter come the new year.

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Seven Attainable Financial New Year's Resolutions

As we enter a new year, you have probably debated improving your health, overcoming an obstacle, or kicking a habit – but have you thought about your financial fitness?

Much like a healthier lifestyle, financial fitness does not come overnight. Whether your resolution is to save more money or pay off debts, here are some attainable ways to jump start your financial well-being this new year.

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Fighting Fraud: How to Identify and Avoid Imposter Scams

In today’s digital world, we always have access to our online accounts. While these advancements have increased convenience, it also exposes us to potential threats. Scams have become an unfortunate reality that can affect anyone.

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Finance at Your Fingertips: How to Use Online Banking

It only seems fitting that in the month we celebrate Independence Day, we discuss how you utilize our banking e-Services to become more independent and gain more control over your banking experience.

We’ve outlined our eServices and how they can fit your lifestyle, schedule, and needs.

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Six Unique Summer Destinations in the Mitten

School is out and it is time for a little getaway! Do you know the best places to explore in Michigan?

Whether you are planning a day long excursion or a weekend trip, the mitten offers lots of unique vacation destinations. From small town shops to sandy lakeshores, Michigan is the perfect playground. Check off your summer bucket list with these six nature attractions.

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