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National Password Day 2021

World Password Day 2021

Did you know, the first Thursday in May is designated as World Password Day? 92% of people use the same password or a variation of a password. We reuse passwords to feel like we are in control of our accounts, but it is most likely putting your accounts at risk! There are many ways to strengthen your passwords. To learn some of our tips and tricks, read our recommendations below.

Tips to Strengthen your Password

There are a multitude of ways to better increase your password security.  Many websites have requirements when creating passwords to provide additional password strength. Some of the easiest ways to strengthen your password are:

  • Use more than 8 characters
  • Utilize a combination of letters and numbers
  • Use both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Include at least 1 symbol or special character {!@$?*&~+}
  • Use a phrase that is longer, but makes sense to you! (Ex. GreenEgg$@ndHam or ItsA$truggleforthisMuggle21)

Common Password Mistakes

When creating passwords, it is easy to want to elements that are easy to remember and familiar to you, such as pet names and personal information. However, when you do this, you are weakening your password and possibly putting your accounts at risk. Some ways to avoid common mistakes:

  • Use different passwords for different accounts
  • Try to use random facts or phrases rather than personal information
  • Use longer passwords
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis
  • Use a password management software rather than writing it down on paper

Two-Factor Authentication

If you are worried about the security of your passwords, on many websites you can choose to utilize two-factor authentication or 2FA. Two-factor authentication is a system to verify your identity and add an extra layer of protection for your accounts. Most 2FA’s use a time sensitive PIN number, password, or pattern that is delivered straight to an associated device. Other forms of two-factor authentication include security tokens, or biometric forms of authentication, like fingerprint, voice, or facial recognition.

Use this May 6th to change out your passwords and increase your security across all your accounts!

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