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Member Rewards

With Member Rewards, you can refund fees, save on WMCU products (such as a free box of checks, loan discount, or $100 off closing costs), and earn WMCU gear! Member Rewards points are automatically accumulated each month based on the products and services you used the month prior.  You can contact us or view your point history in Online Banking (desktop/standard version).  Member Rewards points can not be redeemed within Online Banking; Contact us to redeem your points.

Spend Your Points

Save on WMCU Products Cost
One free box of WMCU logo checks (Contact us to order these) 5,000 points
$50 off of loan application (H.E.) 2,500 points
$100 off Closing Costs 5,000 points
* 0.25% off of loan 5,000 points

*Minimum rate offered 2.54% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).  Does not include HE, Mortgage, Revolving, or CD Secured Loans.  Only one discount per loan.

Offers to not be combined with any other special.


Refund Fees Cost
One non-sufficient funds/ CU*Advance fee 4,000 points
One loan late fee (up to $25) 2,500 points
Account history print-out 500 points
One card replacement fee 2,500 points
Check copy 750 points
Credit Union corporate check 1,000 points
Gift Card by VISA fee 750 points
Money order 500 points
Returned deposit item fee 2,500 points
Stop payment fee 2,500 points
Wire transfers- domestic outgoing 2,500 points
Instant Issue Card 10,000 points

This schedule does not include all fees and is subject to change.  Fees can only be redeemed for 30 days prior.


WMCU Gear Cost
Tote bag 1,000 points
Coffee Mug 2,000 points
Earbuds 2,000 points
Pop socket phone accessory 2,000 points
Piggy Bank 2,500 points
Pizza Cutter 3,000 points
Umbrella 4,000 points
Tumbler cup 6,000 points
Travel mug 6,000 points
Water Bottle 6,000 points
Cooler 8,000 points
Beach Towel 10,000 points
Camping chair 18,000 points

List above can change at any time. Items will not be shipped.  Quantities may be limited.

Earn Your Points

Loyalty Amount
Every year of membership (after 1 year) 5 points
Valid email address 5 points
Enrolled in a Marketing Club 25 points
Attend a seminar or annual meeting 50 points
Opted in to CU contact 5 points
Wrong Address -25 points


Deposit Amount
Simply Better Checking Account 100 points
Simple Checking Account 50 points
Additional Savings Account 25 points
Certificate of Deposit 10 points
Aggregate balance of $1,000-$9,999 25 points
Aggregate balance of $10,000- $49,999 50 points
Aggregate balance of $50,000+ 100 points
Savings account with negative balance -500 points


Lending Amount
Mortgage loans 300 points
Home Equity loans 100 points
All other loans 50 points
Aggregate balance of $1,000-$9,999 25 points
Aggregate balance of $10,000- $49,999 50 points
Aggregate balance of $50,000+ 100 points
Delinquent loan account (over 30 days) -500 points


Plastics Amount
Active debit card 20 points
Active VISA credit card 20 points
Use debit card 5+ times per month 20 points


Self-Service Amount
CU*Talk Audio Response- Audio 10 points
It’s Me 247 Online Banking- Active 25 points
Text Banking 20 points
Enrolled in E-Statements 50 points
Enrolled in Bill Pay 50 points
Enrolled in E-Notices 50 points
Enrolled in E-Alerts 20 points
Direct/ ACH Deposit of at least $500/mo 25 points
Loan payments via Auto Funds Transfer 25 points
Account Transfers via Auto Funds Transfer 10 points


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